Soul of Vain by Iso Omena. Andreas Sandberg as songwriter, musician, and producer. Vocals by Daniel Carlson. Album released 2 July, 2018.

Kloppo! Kloppo! Kloppo!   Written in tribute to the German football coach Jurgen Klopp.  Recorded with John & Frank Navin (The Aluminum Group) and Neal Ostrovsky for the German compilation "Hopp Around the Klopp." 

Summer of 82.  By the French band Orwell, with lyrics co-written by Daniel (who also plays Moog on the track).  

Cover Version for the American Market.  From the album "Man of Lists", by the Welsh musician Pulco.  

Ah Sunflower.  From Jude Cowan's "Lamb & Tyger - The Commune", on Rash Records.

Before I Pay.  2004 collaboration with Brook Ziporyn.  Produced by Neal Ostrovsky.