Produced by Chris Bruce.  Engineered by Pete Min.  Recorded in Los Angeles, February/March, 2013.  With Danny Frankel, Jebin Bruni, Glenn Patscha, Selma Turunen, Elina Masalin, and Chris Bruce.

  1. Lins (Carlson/Ziporyn)
  2. Heaven's Sake (Carlson)
  3. If I Could Try (Carlson)
  4. I'm Tired (Carlson)
  5. Pearl (Carlson/Ziproyn)
  6. Seven Seas (Carlson)
  7. It's A Joke (Carlson)
  8. I Can See It (Carlson)
  9. Eko (Carlson)
  10. Lost Your Mind (Carlson)

Cover by Cary Leibowitz and Lisa Dahl - click here for more.

Released 7 April, 2014.  Folkwit Records, f0100.